The “Vivo Nex A” Review: A Glimpse into the Future of Bezel-less Smartphones
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The “Vivo Nex A” Review: A Glimpse into the Future of Bezel-less Smartphones

The Vivo Nex A showcases a forward-thinking design and innovative features that offer users a glimpse into the future of bezel-less smartphones, emphasizing a seamless display and unique camera technology.




Futuristic Design and Display

The Vivo Nex A features a futuristic design, boasting a nearly bezel-less 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2316 x 1080 pixels. The device achieves an impressive screen-to-body ratio by implementing a pop-up selfie camera, providing an uninterrupted and immersive viewing experience. The AMOLED panel delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast, enhancing the visual appeal for multimedia consumption and gaming.





Innovative Camera System

At the forefront of the Nex A’s design is its pioneering pop-up front camera mechanism, enabling an uninterrupted display without notches or punch holes. The device showcases a motorized 8MP selfie camera that elevates when needed, preserving the screen’s real estate. Additionally, the rear dual-camera setup, featuring a 12MP primary sensor and a 5MP depth sensor.




Performance and Features

Driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor and equipped with 6GB of RAM, the Nex A offers competent performance for everyday tasks and moderate gaming. The device provides a satisfactory user experience with its efficient multitasking and smooth navigation. The in-display fingerprint sensor offers convenience and adds to the device’s futuristic charm.




User Experience and Software

Running on Vivo’s Funtouch OS based on Android, the Nex A offers a feature-rich user interface. While the software may have a learning curve for some users due to its customization and unique interface, it provides various customization options and additional functionalities.







The Vivo Nex A, while excelling in its innovative design and unique display, offers a moderate gaming experience suited for casual gaming enthusiasts rather than intense gamers.



Display and Design

The device boasts a bezel-less 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display with a high resolution, providing vibrant colors and immersive visuals. The nearly edge-to-edge screen offers an excellent canvas for gaming, allowing for an immersive experience without distractions. However, the focus on achieving a bezel-less design has led to the adoption of a pop-up front camera.




Moderate Performance

Fueled by the Snapdragon 710 processor and 6GB of RAM, the Nex A delivers a decent performance for everyday tasks and casual gaming. While it handles moderate gaming titles smoothly, more graphically demanding games might experience occasional lags. Gamers seeking to play high-end games with maximum settings might find limitations in the device’s performance.




Cooling and Gaming Experience

The Nex A lacks specific gaming-centric features or advanced cooling mechanisms found in dedicated gaming smartphones. Extended gaming sessions might lead to increased device temperatures, potentially affecting performance over time. However, for casual gaming sessions, the device offers a satisfactory experience without major overheating concerns.




User Experience

Vivo’s Funtouch OS delivers various customization options and functionalities but might require some adaptation for users accustomed to other Android interfaces. The software optimizations, while contributing to the device’s overall performance.







The Vivo Nex A stands as an intriguing device that provides a glimpse into the future of smartphone design, particularly in its bezel-less display and innovative pop-up camera technology. While it may not compete directly with flagship performance.


The Vivo Nex A, with its innovative design and immersive display, offers a moderate gaming experience suitable for casual gamers. While it lacks advanced gaming-centric features and the raw power of dedicated gaming phones.






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